Is it's too late for dropshipping in 2022

Is It Too Late for Dropshipping in 2022?

Are you ready to discuss dropshipping? To be honest it’s never too late to start any business whether it is e-commerce or offline business. In the same way, dropshipping can’t be dead or it’s not late to start the dropshipping business. It’s just the way of doing dropshipping has changed throughout time. Anyone can start a profitable dropshipping business from home with the help of Wi-Fi and a laptop. Let’s discuss the ways you can start a dropshipping business in 2022.

Post Contents

  • Best platforms for dropshipping In 2022?
  • How to find the best products to sell online?
  • Competition in dropshipping in 2022.
  • Serious problems dropshipper’s are facing
  • Why do you need the best shipping policies?

1. Best platforms for dropshipping In 2022?

Nowadays dropshipping can be done on the marketplace or you can make your own e-commerce website.

Retail Dropshipping:- In retail dropshipping you can sell on a marketplace like eBay and you can source products from other marketplace like amazon, Walmart, and Homedepot.

But nowadays most of the marketplace has strict policies for Retail Dropshipping. But you can use Wholesale suppliers to sell on the marketplace like eBay, and Amazon. Every marketplace has there own pros & cons. I personally like eBay for retail dropshipping because of promoted listings. In promoted listings, you can pay the advertisement fees once you have got the sales.

So this thing makes a big difference compared to another marketplace like Amazon where there are PPC ads (In PPC ads you need to pay per click). Because of eBay promoted listing you know the exact profit you are making even before selling the product.

And even it requires less capital to start selling on eBay and you also get loyal eBay customers to purchase the product.

Shopify & WordPress:- Selling on these platforms can be a little hard for beginners. Because you have to find a good niche in which you want to sell products and set up the website accordingly and then do FB ads test and find which product is working for you. But once you find a good product to sell. Then you grow the sales very fast by targeting the right audience.

2. How to find the best products to sell?

One of the best ways to find winning products is to go for competitor research. You just have to find the best competitors in your niche and check the products they are selling and check if you can get the same product at a good price and make a profit even by selling at a low price. If you were able to find the product then that can be your winning product.

There are 2 methods to find the competitor’s website. Software vs Manual Method.

Software:- If you are doing retail dropshipping then one of the best software you can use is ZIK analytics.
And for the manual method, you can just filter on eBay items sold in the last 24 hours. And eBay will give you a list of products sold in the last 24 hours. You can try to source the products through different websites and if you find the product at a good price and you can make a profit after all the expenses. Then you can surely list that item.
If you are doing dropshipping on Shopify. So the decent software I would suggest is Ecom Hunt & Sales Source etc.

Manual method:- In the manual method you need to search on FB  for 50% discount,  Free Shipping, and check the products. And mainly focus on video ads. If you found some video ads that are getting good views then you can surely check the product and try to source the product for a good price. If you are able to find the same product for a good price then you can surely give it a try to sell that product.

3. Competition in dropshipping 2022.

Nowadays most entrepreneurs say that there are not getting good sales even if they are doing everything correctly. That’s 100% wrong. They say this because no one want’s to do hard work they are just being lazy.

If you want to succeed in dropshipping business then you need to treat it as a real business and give your full time and concentration.

In order to make the store looks great. You need to keep some important points in mind that as the market is already so competitive than what additional you can offer to your customer. So that they purchase the product from you. 

You can simply try to add an e-book. Else anything which increases the overall value of the product. That creates a huge impact on customers.

The Listing should be done professionally and the image size should be proper and it should grab the customer’s attention and your product description should explain your product benefits and why it’s unique from your competitor’s product.

Proper SEO should be done on the website in order to get organic sales.

The website should have a clear and precise explanation. Unnecessary information is not required it might distract the customer.

There should be some reviews that can make your website trustworthy.

4. Main problem dropshippers are facing.

Dropshippers are doing some common mistakes that they can easily avoid. They see the product and check the sales and they directly create the website and try to burn money in FB Ads. If you are trying to copy your competitor’s products then there are several points that you need to take into consideration before choosing that product.

  1. Last 30 sales. It plays a major role to check if the product has a good selling trend. Else it is just a seasonal product. Because the seasonal product has good sales in a particular month. And if some beginners try to copy that product then it can create a huge loss for them as well as it will lead negative impact on their minds.
  • Understanding Facebook ads.  Before we start with FB ads. We should research and learn how FB ads campaign works. If you are targeting the wrong audience, Interest at the wrong time then you might end up losing money. The audience and interest should be clear before setting up a campaign.
  • Follow the guidelines of FB ads.  There are chances that your ads account might get banned if community guidelines are not followed properly. So make sure that the product and ads come under the FB guidelines. It can also get suspended if there are so many negative reviews on the website.

 5. Shipping problems why you need the best shipping policies.

As there is already huge competition in the market. And everyone is trying their level best to give the best customer service. Shipping days can create a huge impact on your sales. If your product has potential but it is taking around 7-8 days for delivery then customers might not order from your website as they can purchase the same product from your competitor’s website which is offering less shipping time.

You can use local suppliers to make things easy for you. You can start your dropshipping journey from Chinese suppliers. So you can use the Chinese supplier till the product is in the testing phase. If you are getting good sales then you can check with some local suppliers which can provide good shipping time and you should switch over to local suppliers. It will help you in long-term benefit and you can also have control over the inventory.

It’s not too late to start a profitable dropshipping business. But the business has evolved through time now there is much more competitive than it used to be. You should try to give the best customer service possible. And try to stay with the trend and launch trending products in your store. And try to learn and implement the best marketing strategies and you will be successful with dropshipping in 2022.

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